Take Five: Tabidaque with Magnus Graner

August 25, 2015

If you haven't yet seen Tabidaque, prepare to witness the current state of the art in park skiing. We caught up with Magnus to find out a bit more about what went down while putting the edit together.


This video is a step away from working with the rest of the Bunch, on both the skiing and production aspects. How did that flow into the skiing and what you eventually dropped?

The process was pretty similar to what we do with The Bunch, all those  involved get mad input on the edit. I find it important that the filmer has understanding for the skiing, and Borja was dope to work with.

There’s a ton of new tricks in this edit, many of them taking a far more hands on approach on the rails. Could you talk about the development of that? You feel like you’ve done a lot of what you’d like to in that dimension, or is this just scratching the surface?

I think it’s important to try to do something different with your skiing, and using your hands is not  something a lot of people do so there is room for new stuff.

Making an edit is work, between aligning schedules and shooting, weather, editing, etc. What was the process like for you for this one (before, on hill, and post)?

I like doing some park skiing in between filming realer stuff. Most of the time we carry a camera around so the edits come natural, its never a hustle do do an edit. If you film a lot,  then you get better quicker.

We hear plenty about the summer camp scene in the US. How do the Euro summer options compare in terms of facilities, parks, and the off hill scene?

The facilities feel like less like facilities but still have just as good skiing and activities. It’s a chill vibe wherever you summer ski though, mostly mad passionated skiers in the summer.

Some skiers take a big break in the summer, going south to surf or just upping their time doing other stuff. Do you feel the need to step away and refresh?

A Break could be good for you to re inspire for skiing but I have not felt like taking so many breaks. I want to ski more.

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