Hey Ladies: Introducing our 2016 Women's Line

August 25, 2015

It’s overdue. We know. But at long last, our line for the lady rippers out there is in the presses and heading down the production line. Since most of the dudes at the factory are still dudes last we checked, a few rad ladies spent some of their time developing and shred-testing the line. They did us proud, so we’d like to introduce:

    A Tacoma original much like ON3P, Rachel Delacour grew up immersed in the thick, deep snow of the Pacific Northwest. She’s made a habit of jealousy-inducing, month-long trips to Japan the past two years. Also, she finished climbing the five highest points in Washington with her skis in tow this past spring, adding Mt. Adams, Mt. St. Helens, and Glacier Peak.

    Delacour, when not emailing us with ski ideas and marketing advice, is set to finish her degree this summer. She works in Evo’s copywriting department, so you never know--those words that convinced your last purchase might have been hers.


    Another Pacific Northwesterner, Alexandra Pallas-Loren is always up to something: skiing, watersports, or getting behind the lens to make epic photos. She also made the trip to Japan last winter, and we'll keep dropping those shots on our Instagram as the summer dags into fall. Pallas in the process of moving to Park City for this season.



    Ohio might have been home once, but Erika bounced through editorial jobs at Newschoolers and TGR before her skills took her to her current post at Freeskier. She’s known for leading the charge to expose fresh female talent in the ski industry. 

    Last winter, she conducted a huge survey of lady rippers that informed what would became our Jessie line. August lightening didn’t stop her summer skiing this year, and we’ll be honest: she looks really good, especially in gold tights.


    Skiing and badassery. @on3pskico @pabstblueribbon

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    Sunny day butters ? @shejumps @on3pskico @jacksonhole @girlsdoshred ?: @shradicalwyo #ON3P #goskiingwithyourfriends

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    Wait, it's August? @on3pskico @lostgirlstribe @shejumps @polerstuff

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    I made a video? Seriously so stoked to be on snow, even if it meant ducking a thunderstorm. ☁️⚡️

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