Award Season: 4 Models Win Awards for 2016

August 25, 2015

This spring, one of the main whiteboards in our Portland factory was covered in no less than nine (more?) versions of what the future ski line would look like. Thinking, prototyping, producing the skis--the real excitement comes when we get them out the door, beyond our care, and get to hear what the skiing world has to say about the latest batch of ideas made real.

Powder Magazine took our line to the icy steeps, wind buff, and shark-infested bowls of Big Sky for their ski test last winter. The Jessie 100, Billy Goat, and Kartel 106 all brought home hardware and we promise we didn’t pay anyone off in favors, beers, or cold, hard cash (we’re still waiting for the medals in the mail though).

Skiing Magazine also saw fit to recognize our genius, taking a fancy to the Wrenegade 102. We think it suits them, and would recommend adding a ski ballet category to their next test.

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