January 01, 2017


Few skiers embody the creativity, style, and uniqueness of Lucas Stål-Madison. Fluid and smooth both on and off the snow, LSM will not only ski and work with ON3P across the globe, but will also be spending time side-by-side with our ski designers and builders to help prototype new shapes and models for future line releases. 

From his time traveling throughout Canada and the US in the backcountry, to his film work and segments filming with The Bunch, LSM is a natural match for our skis and our team dynamic.

We also will partner with Lucas to continue our push towards becoming carbon neutral by 2018 and in discovering the most environmentally friendly materials available to further move towards our long-standing goal of having as little impact on our planet...all without sacrificing our quality and reputation as producing the most bomber skis you can buy.

Please join us in welcoming LSM to the ON3P family! 

By: Jay Volak