Wrenegade 108


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179cm 137/108/125 26.1m 148.0 2.16 kg
184cm 138/108/126 26.8m 153.0 2.23 kg
189cm 139/108/127 27.5m 158.0 2.34 kg

The Wrenegade Ski Series, featuring our All Mountain Freeride Rocker Profile, three waist widths, and our Bi-Radius sidecut design, offers a stable and directional option for every condition on the mountain.

Updated for 2019, the Wrenegade 108 is our most stable west coast everyday driver - speed and stability are the name of the game.  Our Freeride Rocker profile also provides the best float and maneuverability of any Wrenegade ski to date without overpowering the pilot. Truly in a class by itself. 

For 2019, we've stiffened the forebody of the ski and slightly shortened the radius.  The stiffer flex increases the skis' high end speed and power out of a turn while the tighter radius results in a more versatile everyday package than previous models.

Wrenegade 108

Freeride Directional Charger

New for 2019, the Wrenegade 108 features a stiffer flex profile & tighter sidecut.

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