Wrenegade 96


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174cm 124/96/114 22.4m 143.0 1.99 kg
179cm 125/96/115 23.0m 148.0 2.04 kg
184cm 126/96/116 23.7m 153.0 2.08 kg
189cm 127/96/117 24.4m 158.0 2.16 kg

The Wrenegade Ski Series, featuring our All Mountain Freeride Rocker Profile, three waist widths, and our Bi-Radius sidecut design, offers a stable and directional option for every condition on the mountain.

New for 2019, the Wrenegade 96 is our most versatile daily driver. A progressive rocker profile improves float in powder snow while the thinner waist ensures solid edge hold on groomers and hardpack in all conditions.

For 2019, we've introduced a slightly narrower waist width, stiffer flex throughout the forebody of the ski, and tighter turn radius.  The stiffer flex increases the skis' high end speed and power out of a turn while the tighter radius better suits the terrain this width excels in.

Wrenegade 96

Everyday Directional Charger

New for 2019, the Wrenegade 96 features a stiffer flex & smaller turn radius.

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