Jessie 108

STATUS: Sold Out

166cm 133/108/125 19.4m 123.0 1.85 kg
171cm 134/108/126 20.1m 128.0 1.92 kg
176cm 135/108/127 20.9m 133.0 2.10 kg

The Jessie 108 returns fully dialed & unchanged for the 2019 season: fun, no pink-and-shrink skis that hold our standards for durability and construction in every regard.

Deep days are the domain of the Jessie 108. Everything we’ve learned about building powder skis has gone into this design, and it romps through the fluff with the best of them. The increased taper profile and bi-radius sidecut combine together for a ski that is effortless in soft snow, but can still slay all mountain and outrun the boys when needed.

2019 Jessie 108

Women's Deep Day

Unchanged for 2019, the Jessie 108 remains our ideal option for strong women's skiers looking for a stable yet playful powder ski.