How do you say ON3P?
Just say it out.  Oh-Ehn-Three-Pea.   
What does ON3P stand for?
Founder Scott Andrus starting working on ON3P as a sophomore at the University of Puget Sound.  The idea was born at his house located at N. 13th and Proctor in Tacoma, WA.  The name came from one-three-proctor with the (e) on the one removed:  ON3P.  Yes, we know it’s confusing.  When the ski building idea was born, ON3P was just about building skis for friends, rather than being a full-fledged company.
When was ON3P founded?
The idea for ON3P was born in Tacoma, WA in 2006 while founder Scott Andrus was in college majoring in biology.  The first 53 pairs were built after his graduation in the summer of 2008.  ON3P officially opened for business in Portland, OR, in the summer of 2009.
Where is ON3P located?
ON3P is located at 5622 NE Hassalo St, Portland, OR 97213.  
Who builds ON3P skis?
We do.  ON3P has built every pair of skis we’ve ever released.  We strongly believe that when it comes to skis, your product should be your own, through and through. Ours is.
Where can I buy ON3P Skis?
You can buy ON3P skis directly from us or at one of our dealers.  See DEALER LINK.
Does ON3P offer internships?
Yes, we offer internships.  Please email careers@on3pskis.com with a resume, cover letter, your goals, and your availability.  Please note we get many internship requests, so we cannot reply to each one.  If we are interested in scheduling an interview, we will be in touch. We appreciate your interest.
Is ON3P hiring?
ON3P is a growing business and looks periodically to bring on new employees.  Job will be posted in the CAREER section.  If you are interested in applying for a job with ON3P, please email careers@on3pskis.com.
What does ON3P do to support sustainability?
Our bottom line is building the best skis possible - period.  That said, we take sustainability seriously and attempt to achieve sustainability in every aspect of our production.  At this time, ON3P is sustainable in the following ways:
  • FSC Certified Bamboo.
  • All bamboo scrap and sawdust is recycled.  Scraps go to local builders, sawdust goes to a local horse farm.
  • All UHMW scrap recycled.  
  • Non-toxic epoxy.
  • No lacquers or nasty clearcoats.
  • All grinding done on water-cleansed grinding systems.
  • We don't overbuild.  We don't waste energy or materials building skis we don't need to.
  • We've bringing more and more production processes in house.  This allows us to maximize material yield and lower waste.
Does ON3P offer factory tours?
Yes.  Please call ahead to schedule a tour - 503-206-5909.  Do note, our time is limited so we will not be able to fulfill every tour request.  Thanks for your interest.
What are ON3P’s factory hours?
We are at the factory 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday.
How can I receive ON3P Stickers?
Yes.  To receive stickers, please send a SASE (self-addressed-stamped-letter) to:
ON3P Skis
Attn: Stickers
5622 NE Hassalo St.
Portland, OR 97213
How can I be immortalized in the factory?
If you want to be remembered forever on our bathroom Wall of Fame, be sure to include a drawing or letter with your SASE.  Get after it.  Please note that SASE requests are generally filled 2-4x annually, so a response may take several months.  Your patience is appreciated.  You'd rather have skis than stickers, right?
How do I apply for sponsorship with ON3P?
Generally, ON3P reaches out to riders we are interested in working with.  That said, if you are interested in sponsorship with us, please email  sponsorship@on3pskis.com with resume, photos, video, and any other information you deem relevant.  Your info will be kept on file and reviewed periodically as ON3P looks to expand our team.  Please do not email or call to follow up on sponsorship requests.  
Where can I demo ON3P Skis?
ON3P has multiple demo fleets travelling in North America.  Please view the schedule –posted under LINK DEMO DAYS.  Our demo days are free and require a liability release.  Many ON3P dealers also carry demo skis.  Please contact your local dealer directly to discuss demo ski availability. See DEALER LINK
Will I be charged sales tax?
Nope.  Oregon has no state sales tax.
Can ON3P mount my bindings?
No.  Due to liability, and variations in boot sole length and wear, we are not comfortable mounting bindings for you.  We suggest entrusting the skis to the best shop in your area.  While you’re there, let them know to bring ON3P in so you can buy our skis directly from them.
Does ON3P offer proform?
Yes, ON3P offers proform discounts for full-time ski industry employees.  To quality, please visit the attached page (PRO Page coming soon) and submit your information.  After verification, if approved for proform, a discount code will be issued to you.
What is ON3P's return policy?
ON3P offers returns on unused skis bought directly from ON3P for 30 days after your order is received.  To process a return, email  info@on3pskis.com with your name, order information, and reason for the return.  ON3P will issue a Return Authorization Number (RA Number).  At that point, please return the skis to:
ON3P Skis
Attn: Returns
5622 NE Hassalo St
Portland, OR 97213
Once received, the skis will be inspected and a status update will be provided within 48 hours of the return’s arrival.  Once approved, a refund will be issued.  It generally takes 2-4 days for a refund to reach your credit card.  If you have any other questions, please contact us.
Does ON3P offer custom skis?
Yes, we can build custom skis.  Please email us - info@on3pskis.com - for details.  
Does ON3P offer group or club pricing?
Yes.  Please email us - info@on3pskis.com - with your group/club details.
Where can ON3P ship my skis?
We ship worldwide - anywhere FedEx delivers.
How does ON3P ship skis?
ON3P uses FedEx for all of our shipping needs.  During the season, we generally ship two days per week (Tuesdays and Fridays).  
ON3P offers free domestic shipping on all orders over $50.
ON3P offers shipping to Canada with FedEx Express for $30.
ON3P offers international shipping with FedEx Express for $99.
If you have questions about shipping outside the USA, please email  info@on3pskis.com.
Can my order be expedited?
We offer FedEx Two-Day Express as an option in our online store.  If you need even faster shipping, please email  info@on3pskis.com or give the factory a call - 503-206-5909 - and we will do our best to accommodate. 
How does ON3P measure our skis?
ON3P measures our skis using a post-pressing tip-to-tail length.  Most brands measure a pre-pressing flat base length, which loses length when the ski is pressed.  As such, ON3P skis will run comparitively longer than most brands.  To us, it just means our ski sizing runs true to size.  
How do I drill my skis?
ON3P recommends a 3.6mm x 9mm drill bit when mounting all models of ON3P skis.
What are the edge bevel for ON3P skis?
All ON3P skis leave our factory with a 1-degree base & 1-degree side bevel.
Where do I mount my skis?
Every ON3P has a boot center notch on the left sidewall of the ski.  This is our recommended mounting point.  While you are welcomed to mount however you like, the location is the designed and recommended mounting location by ON3P.
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