Billy Goat


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179cm 141/116/125 27.8m 136.5 2.22 kg
184cm 142/116/126 28.6m 140.5 2.38 kg
189cm 143/116/126 29.4m 144.5 2.45 kg

Since our beginning, the Billy Goat has carried our signature for stability, power, and liveliness in soft snow. The latest iteration of our RES (Reverse Elliptical Sidecut) design incorporates a blending radius between the tip and tail sidecut to improve edge hold on hardpack, and our ATT (Asymmetrical Tip Taper) allows you to slash in and out of powder turns with greater ease than you thought possible. Built to take a beating, our skis have full length carbon fiber stringers, 100% bamboo cores, and UHMW sidewalls alongside the thickest bases & edges money can buy.

The defining characteristics of the Billy Goat remain as versatile as ever, giving you the ability to both drive and smear the ski without tip-dive or dumping speed. If finding the fastest way down on a powder day is your goal, then the Billy Goat is your ski.