Jessie 96



161cm 121/96/116 17.6m 126.0 1.64 kg
166cm 122/96/116 18.2m 130.8 1.70 kg
171cm 123/96/117 18.9m 135.5 1.75 kg

Based upon our Jeffrey platform, the Jessie Series returns as the playful standard for women’s all mountain skis. Maintaining the same construction and durability as our men’s skis, the Jessie remains a fun, confidence inspiring ride for strong female skiers. Two waist width choices offer versatile, poppy options that are more than capable of outrunning the boys.

The Jessie 96 is our tried and true option for mixing freestyle park performance with everything you can find under the lifts. Elliptical Rocker and Hybrid Sidecut offer smooth planing and a balanced turn initiation that engages harder the more you lean on it, while the smooth taper profile decreases hookiness and improves powder performance. Spins, butters, bumps, a bit of fresh snow in the trees, or laying trenches down corduroy, it is the perfect women’s all mountain utility ski - lady shredders, rejoice.