Magnus 90



161cm 114/90/112 16.2m 128.0 1.52 kg
171cm 115/90/113 17.2m 136.0 1.71 kg
176cm 116/90/114 17.7m 140.0 1.78 kg
181cm 117/90/115 18.3m 144.0 1.88 kg
186cm 118/90/116 18.8m 148.0 1.92 kg

The Magnus 90 is the latest evolution in a decade-plus of rockered park ski design. A soft-yet-firm, round profile allows for unparalleled flex + pop when buttering, tip taper eliminates hookiness when carving, and a more balanced sidecut helps equalize swing weight once airborne. The Magnus 90 comes Park Detuned underfoot to help minimize rail damage, and we build them to take a beating with full length carbon fiber stringers, 100% bamboo core, and UHMW sidewall alongside the thickest bases & edges money can buy. For the skier who demands the best, this is the most highly specialized park ski on the market.