Cease & Desist

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        • For 2017, we’ve pushed the design forward and incorporated an asymmetrical sidecut design with the sole focus of making the best powder ski we’ve ever made even better. The inside edges share the same RES foundation that has made the Cease & Desist a powslayer for the past several years. The magic happens on the outside edge, where a decreased effective edge frees the outside of the ski to smear and pivot with ease, while the new tip & tail taper design decreases weight and ensures the tips remain catch-free as you flow in and out of powder turns. Combined with a proper rocker profile, tour layup, and our 100% bamboo core, for those who have the snow to ski it, the rich just got richer.






          181cm 141/124/130 34.7m 129.5cm 2.20 kg
          191cm 142/124/131 37.3m 139.5cm 2.40 kg
        • Click here to check out our tech page for an complete explanation
          Elliptical Rocker Profile
          Reverse Elliptical Sidecut
          Tour Layup
          Tip Taper
          3/4 Wrap Edges
          Designed to Take a Beating
          Bamboo Cores
          Perfect Factory Finish
          Made in Oregon by ON3P
        • Click here to check out our construction page for an complete explanation
           100% Bamboo Core
          1.8mm 4001 Durasurf Base
          2.5mm x 2.5mm Edge
          Carbon Fiber Stringers
          Full Length UHMW Sidewall
          Triaxial Fiberglass + Binding Mat

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Powder Rocker: Large, gradual tip rocker for optimal float in deep snow. Flat camber underfoot. Short tail rocker allows ski to smear and pivot when needed.
Powder Specific Reverse Elliptical Sidecut: Reverse Elliptical Sidecut, or "RES", is a large, convex elliptical arc from boot center to tip taper, combined with a long, traditional sidecut radius in the tail & straight sections at each transition point. Our Powder Specific RES adds an asymmetrical sidecut and tip taper, increasing the skis playfulness in soft snow.
Tour Flex: Similar to Freeride Flex, but with a rounder underfoot platform designed for improved float and maneuverability in softer conditions.
Made in Oregon by ON3P: We build every pair of ON3P skis right here in our Portland, Oregon factory. Outsourcing is for the uninspired.

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