2017 Jessie 108

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        • Last winter, we stepped into the world of lady shred and were delighted by the warm welcome. The Jessie line returns updated and improved for 2017: fun, no pink-and-shrink skis that hold our standards for durability and construction in every regard. Deep days are the domain of the Jessie 108. Everything we’ve learned about building powder skis has gone into this design, and it romps through the fluff with the best of them.  For 2017, an improved taper profile increases float and stability with no additional weight.






          161cm 132/108/124 19.1m 118.0cm 1.93 kg
          171cm 134/108/126 20.1m 128.0cm 2.00 kg
          176cm 135/108/127 20.9m 133.0cm 2.10 kg
        • Click here to check out our tech page for an complete explanation
          Elliptical Rocker Profile
          Elliptical Sidecut
          Tip Taper
          3/4 Wrap Edges
          Designed to Take a Beating
          Bamboo Cores
          Perfect Factory Finish
          Made in Oregon by ON3P
        • Click here to check out our construction page for an complete explanation
           100% Bamboo Core
          1.8mm 4001 Durasurf Base
          2.5mm x 2.5mm Edge
          Carbon Fiber Stringers
          Full Length UHMW Sidewall
          Triaxial Fiberglass + Binding Mat


Freestyle Rocker:  Larger tip and tail rocker combined with camber underfoot.  More playful, more fun, with enough camber underfoot to maintain solid edge contact on hard snow.
Elliptical Sidecut:  The sidecut consists of an elliptical arc that begins at boot center and gets progressively smaller as it extends toward the tip and tail of the ski, resulting in a ski that carves harder the more it is put on edge, yet remains stable when skied flat.
Freestyle Flex:  Solid underfoot platform, with an even, progressive flex into the tip and tail. A close-to-symmetrical flex for performance going both forward & backward.
Made in Oregon by ON3P:  We build every pair of ON3P skis right here in our Portland, Oregon factory. Outsourcing is for the uninspired.

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