Kartel 116

In Stock: 181cm
Sold Out: 176cm, 186cm, 191cm 


        • The Kartel 116 incorporates previous Jeffrey design into an updated, freshly-tuned option for the wider ski market. Deep days, powder landings, and pillow lines are the name of the game. A modified tip taper improves tracking through variable snow and decreases swing weight, while enhancing float by pushing more width into the forebody of the ski.






          176cm 141/116/133 23.2m 133.0cm 2.25 kg
          181cm 142/116/134 24.1m 138.0cm 2.34 kg
          186cm 143/116/135 24.9m 143.0cm 2.38 kg
          191cm 144/116/136 25.8m 148.0cm 2.46 kg
        • Click here to check out our tech page for an complete explanation
          Elliptical Rocker Profile
          Bi-Radius Sidecut
          Tip Taper
          3/4 Wrap Edges
          Designed to Take a Beating
          Bamboo Cores
          Perfect Factory Finish
          Made in Oregon by ON3P
        • Click here to check out our construction page for an complete explanation
           100% Bamboo Core
          1.8mm 4001 Durasurf Base
          2.5mm x 2.5mm Edge
          Carbon Fiber Stringers
          Full Length UHMW Sidewall
          Triaxial Fiberglass + Binding Mat

Freestyle Rocker: Larger tip and tail rocker combined with camber underfoot.  More playful, more fun, with enough camber underfoot to maintain solid edge contact on hard snow.
Bi-Radius Sidecut: The sidecut consists of a smaller turn radius in the tip that works in conjunction with a larger turn radius in the tail, creating a directional ski that is stable going straight, but will easily carve once the turn is initiated and the ski is on edge.
Freestyle Flex: Solid underfoot platform, with an even, progressive flex into the tip and tail. A close-to-symmetrical flex for performance going both forward & backward.
Made in Oregon by ON3P: We build every pair of ON3P skis right here in our Portland, Oregon factory. Outsourcing is for the uninspired.

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