LSM's Kartel 108


Made to order:  Delivery 4 weeks from order date.

Custom Options:

  1. Custom Pink Topsheet
  2. Softer Fiberglass
  3. Green Sidewalls
  4. Park Detune


        • LSM's choice for a wider everyday ski - this custom Kartel 108 features a loud Custom Pink topsheet, green UHMW sidewalls, a 19oz fiberglass for a softer rounder flex, and a underfoot park detune for improved performance and durability on rails.   






          171cm 133/108/128 20.2m 135.5cm 1.97 kg
          176cm 134/108/128 20.9m 140.0cm 2.10 kg
          181cm 135/108/129 21.5m 144.5cm 2.20 kg
          186cm 136/108/130 22.2m 149.0cm 2.30 kg
          191cm 137/108/130 22.9m 153.5cm 2.37 kg
        • Click here to check out our tech page for an complete explanation
          Elliptical Rocker Profile
          Elliptical Sidecut
          Tip Taper
          3/4 Wrap Edges
          Designed to Take a Beating
          Bamboo Cores
          Perfect Factory Finish
          Made in Oregon by ON3P
        • Click here to check out our construction page for an complete explanation
           100% Bamboo Core
          1.8mm 4001 Durasurf Base
          2.5mm x 2.5mm Edge
          Carbon Fiber Stringers
          Full Length UHMW Sidewall
          Triaxial Fiberglass + Binding Mat

2019 Kartel 108


Our best selling model.  Featuring a modified sidecut design, the 2019 Kartel 108 is the everyday ski on the feet of every factory employee.

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