Moment Voyager XII

Moment Voyager XII

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The Moment Voyager XII is the touring binding you—and we—have been waiting for.

Last year our friends at Moment worked with ATK of Italy, leaders in tech binding innovation since 2007, to bring you the Voyager platform: the most advanced tech binding on the market. While we couldn’t be happier that doesn’t mean that it can’t be better.

Enter the Voyager XII - stronger, burlier, and badder than before. Building on the Voyager platform, a dropped ramp makes the binding even flatter, and a bumped-up release is the highest range of any tech binding on the market, thus better suited for the most aggressive skiers - those who redefine the limits of what is possible on tech bindings.

The updated Integrated Freeride Spacer has been reinforced, more durable than ever before to better overcome the shortcomings present in every other tech binding - suspension between pins and the ever present heel gap. Eliminating heel gap and ensuring constant interface with the full width of the boot provides power transmission not possible in any other tech binding. While most tech bindings incorporate higher ramp, lifting the heel substantially higher than the toe the Voyager XII has a flattened freeride oriented stance which allows for a more natural athletic position providing more power and easier pivoting for wider, more rockered skis. Built on an oversized mounting platform, with low ramp Freeride Stance Geometry, and substantial elastic travel, all in an ultra-light package, the Voyager XII further blurs the line between aggressive freeride and efficient lightweight freetouring like no binding we have ever seen, and like nothing you’ve ever skied.

Nothing beyond reach.

4'8" 143 141 - -
4'10" 147 141-151 - -
5'0" 152 151 -
5'2" 158 151-161 162 -
5'4" 163 161-166 162-167 -
5'6" 168 161-171 167-172 -
5'8" 173 171-181 172-182 174-184
5'10" 178 176-186 177-187 179-189
6'0" 183 186-191 187-192 184-193
6'2" 188 191 192 189-193
6'4" 193 191 192 189-193

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